Dr. Pradip Doshi's Hospital& Research Institute is an indepenent institution which does health-related researches since 20 years,on the basis of Indian culture,Vedas,ancient books, therapies, ancient medicines, traditional medicinal treatment, herbal medicines, modern sciences diagnosis etc., the study on impact & effects of it are going on in this Institution. With this study & research, speedy but safe & more effective herbal extracts are prepared to make a man healthy in all ways. All herbs are grown by organic method in the farm associated with the institution under doctors supervision. Extracts are collected from different parts of the plants like leaf, flower, stem, fruit, root & are converted in medicines in drop doses which are made available for the benefit of the society. These medicines are completely safe. The drops are prepared for diseases like Depression, Scizofrenia, lack of confidence, to control anger, to transfer negative thoughts into positive,to calm mind & many other curable & incurable diseases, which is a unique achievement in itself.

  • We have cure 10,000 patient in Asthma
  • Alzihmer is Now 100% curable
  • Medicine researched to cure Parkinson's Disease. (Patient is completely cured)
  • New Video of Ayush program uploaded. Dr. Pradip Doshi's Interview on Asthma.
  • Multiple Sclerosis is now Cured & Curable
  • Pancratisis patient gets Cured (Bhaveshbhai)
  • Kidney failure cured - many patients Cured
  • Cancer Cured
  • Chikungunya & Post Chikungunya Pain is Curable
Thousands of patients are cured
from various types of diseases

Cured from Kidney failure
Jasoda Shah
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By Almighty God's grace,
all the diseases are curable.
Description of some diseases
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